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NFT Sales See Slight Weekly Decline Despite Growing Activity

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Stanislav Shishkin
Stanislav Shishkin
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The NFT market saw a minor 1.18% decline in sales volume this past week, totaling $107.05 million according to the latest data. However, the number of active NFT buyers jumped by 86.71% while transactions rose 34.66% during the same period.

Ethereum-based NFTs continue to dominate, accounting for $65.86 million or 61% of sales. ETH NFT volume increased 7.41% week-over-week. Solana NFTs ranked second with $9.64 million in sales, up 4.8%.

Other top NFT blockchains by sales volume include Polygon ($8.41 million), Mythos ($6.30 million), Immutable X ($4.55 million), BNB Chain ($4.46 million), Bitcoin ($2.62 million) and Flow ($1.46 million). Together the top 8 chains represented 96.49% of total weekly NFT sales.

Degods was the highest selling NFT collection this past week at $6.59 million. Dmarket took second place with $6.25 million in sales, followed by Bored Ape Yacht Club at $5.43 million. The top 10 collections generated $38.73 million in sales, making up over 36% of the weekly total.

The priciest NFT sale was Autoglyph #490 at $287,331 on August 16. Cryptopunk NFTs also dominated sales, with #7107 selling for $114,198, #5342 for $110,877, #3306 for $100,519 and #557 for $100,204. The top 6 sales amounted to $833,509.

As the NFT market continues expanding, this week’s minor sales dip looks to be a small blip among growing activity. The significant jumps in buyers and transactions point to strength despite slightly slower sales volume.


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