Monday, March 27, 2023


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Crypto Predictions: Brighter Future In 2022

Ongoing developments to take decentralized technology into the mainstream is exciting stuffIndustry-wise, it remains crucial to solve the current infrastructure bottlenecksThere is much to...

Singapore Is Using A Blockchain-Based Network To Track and Verify COVID-19 Vaccinations

Zuellig Pharma’s eZTracker platform is using the SAP blockchain to track and verify COVID-19 vaccinations. Singaporean healthcare services provider Zuellig Pharma is using a blockchain-based...


Angel Baby Hit Squad is a new cross-chain NFT project, designed to connect the well-known blockchains, Ethereum and Cardano. The new release consists of 11,111 unique angels, generated completely at random...

Ubisoft is investing in blockchain games

Popularly known for creating the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and arguably one of the world’s biggest video game companies, Ubisoft has hosted its Q2 earnings...

Crypto News Aug 28

BTC The CEO of the funding consultancy Midas Touch Consulting, Florian Grummes, has suspect Bitcoin price of USD 100,000 in the subsequent 6 months, however the market...

Liquid Global Exchange Hacked

Japan’s Liquid Global exchange said it has been hacked, and has suspended deposits and withdrawals. According to a tweet on Thursday, the exchange said its warm...

Former Bithumb Chairman in $100M Fraud Probe

South Korean prosecutors have indicted Lee Jung-hoon – the former chairman of Bithumb Holdings, the parent company of Bithumb Korea, which operates Bithumb’s crypto exchange –...

Philippines’ UnionBank Leans to Hex Trust as Digital Asset Custodian

UnionBank is leaning to Hex Trust for digital asset custody services.It aims to move into a maturing digital asset space as customers’ interest grows. UnionBank...

Blockchain Bites: Why Buy an NFT?

Investors may be realizing the same deflationary market mechanisms that apply to bitcoin’s scarcity creates similar opportunities in NFTs.

DJ 3LAU to Auction Full Album Tokenized on Ethereum Blockchain

3LAU is partnering with blockchain platform Origin to launch an auction for the Ultraviolet Vinyl NFT Collection.

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