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If Worldcoin can improve the world, why not give it a chance?

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Alicia Garcia
Alicia Garcia
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Worldcoin‘s mission to provide digital identities poses big questions about ethics and progress. Rather than stifle innovation, we should criticize constructively and push for accountability.

There are real benefits to equitable digital ID – reducing fraud, protecting rights, expanding access. A universal system could profoundly empower the vulnerable. But we must ensure it doesn’t enable surveillance or exploitation.

Worldcoin itself may fail, but the momentum behind global digital ID won’t fade. The tech is arriving whether we like it or not. Better to shape it responsibly than smother it prematurely.

We need transparency and thoughtful governance to earn public trust. Companies can’t act alone here. Collaboration with civil society is essential. Core principles of privacy, consent and decentralization should drive development.

The private sector can excel at rapidly building systems. But oversight matters. No one wants tech’s blind spots and biases baked into something as fundamental as identity. Independent audits and ethical advisory boards should monitor for harm.

There are still open questions around Worldcoin’s approach, which deserves scrutiny. But we must also have nuanced debates on how to properly balance innovation with caution. Knee-jerk reactions don’t move us forward.

Progress demands both idealism and pragmatism. With emerging tech, we can’t let perfect be the enemy of good – but also must avoid reckless change. If we keep our values clear and hold innovators accountable, promising solutions can improve lives ethically.


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