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Play-To-Earn Mobile Games are taking over

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Alicia Garcia
Alicia Garcia
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  • Play-to-earn (P2E) games are taking over.
  • Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, and Axes Metaverse are the top 3 P2E games right now.
  • These games offer diverse opportunities to users.

Before the dawn of blockchain, mobile gaming was an expensive undertaking for most people. It involved endless payments for subscription renewal, expensive plugins, and purchasing several features for the next-level experience.

All that changed with DeFi and NFTs. Play-to-earn (P2E) games are all the craze now. The promise of making a return while enjoying your favorite game has almost everyone switching to P2E games. Of course, the weary still choose to pay, but that is changing fast. So which mobile P2E games offer gamers the best returns? The article shall expound on them.

Axie Infinity

It should perhaps come as no surprise that one of the play-to-earn mobile and PC games with impressive returns is most popular. Axie Infinity is the 2nd most popular P2E, according to a 30-day user count data gathered.

The game is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain on RONIN. It allows users to collect, battle, breed, and trade axies, which are NFTs disguised as creatures in the game. It is more or less a blockchain version of the all-popular Japanese-based game Pokemon. To join, one has to buy three axies, each costing 0.019 ETH.

Axie’s popularity is anchored by its diverse ways of earning. To begin with, Smooth Love Portions or SLPs (ERC-20 tokens) when they battle. They are in high demand since they are needed to breed new Axies. On average, one earns between 100 to 200 SLPs, each equivalent to about $0.03, which doesn’t sound like a lot.

The second way to earn involves another ERC-20 token called the Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). This is the real deal since one is worth an impressive $94! A player either gets into player vs. player battles or breeds monsters using SLP to earn one. But one should always opt to HODL onto their AXS, for they are another cash cow. The Axie community treasure rewards those who opt to stake their AXS, with an estimated APR of about 115%. A very good deal.

There is still yet another earning method. For all the battles one engages and earns SLPs, they can breed more Axies. So one will end with a lot more Axies than the three they began with at the start of everything. An Axie’s starting sale price is $71, though the average is closer to $300, which isn’t even close to the limit. Two triple infinity mystic Axies sold for a whopping $1.1million.


Many house parties have had card games to add fun to it. For these and anyone who likes card games, this is a must-have game. The cards are digitized NFTs on Splinterlands.

The game is free if playing is the option, but to access its P2E, a player has to buy a $10 summoner’s book. It acts as the key that unlocks access to the trade market, tournaments, and earning rewards. The earnings are quite good on Splinterland. All one needs after purchasing the summoner’s book; all one needs is an Android phone or a PC.

The first mode of earning is via Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). They serve as the platform’s main token and are earned simply by participating in ranked battles. The number of DEC’s earned is dependent on what league level one is gaming, how many opponent players are there, what one’s winning streak is, what card choice one opts for, and several other variables.

The valuation of a DEC is around $0.008. The figure does sound disheartening and small. But here is a fact, players can easily earn 500 DEC per hour. So four hours of fun games are $16 in easy earnings. Alternatively, one has the option of earning Splinterlands credits for playing. However, the credit can only be spent in-game to buy a host of utilities such as cards and packs. It is an NFT trading facilitator that has real-life benefits for players. The rarer a card is, the more valuable it is. So one can buy very rare cards and trade them in several NFT marketplaces. For instance, one person put up an Archimage Arius Promo Edition card for sale at $30,000.

Axes Metaverse

The International mobile game developer Azur Games has several upcoming projects that could spell good earnings for players. Of particular focus is its battle-royal P2E game. The Axes Metaverse unlocks a whole new world of earning opportunities. Games include;

  1. Battleground, where players control their heroes in large-scale P2E battles,
  2. Team Tactics, a tactical role-playing game in which players assemble heroes for dangerous missions, AND,
  3. Kingdom Wars, a multiplayer strategy game involving fighting for land ownership, building, and defending castles.

It is a real-world game since all games share a common economy. Resources earned in one game are usable in another, like training a hero in one and deploying them in another game. Earning opportunities include trading in NFTs, mining heroes and lending them, battling, and staking NFTs.


There are many P2E games with opportunities to generate earnings for players. Many are quite recent since playing to earn via NFTs is an ever-evolving space in the DeFi world. As such, a truly reflective list of games with the best earnings isn’t a long one since new games might rapidly disrupt it in a month or two.

Axie Infinity and Splinterlands can however be expected to hold out for quite a while. They offer very good earnings in very diverse ways to their users. A player who fully explores and utilises them can rapidly make many times their initial investments within a month, a rarity in the business world. However, Azur Games’ Axes Metaverse may face a strong challenge when it comes online soon.


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